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Arizona Fiduciary Services 

In my 30 years in real estate, I have never seen a fiduciary personally invest so much care and effort to prepare a property for sale at maximum value for the beneficiaries.   You are pleasant and responsive to work with and I thank you for your efforts.  
Connie H.  - Arizona Realtor

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Trust Administration and Successor Trustees

Arizona Fiduciary Services provides Trust Administration services for those who are no longer able or willing to manage their financial affairs, or those who wish to have a Successor Trustee assume responsibility for asset management. We are available to act as trustees of testamentary, special needs, revocable and irrevocable trusts, both large and small.

Experts in Professional Administration

We are also experts in the professional administration of trusts under an agency agreement for named Trustees who are out of state, or who wish to engage a professional fiduciary to manage the trust administration.

What does a Trustee do?

  • Marshal and manage investments

  • Review stock holdings/confer with financial planners and brokers

  • Secure and value personal and real property

  • Prepare trust inventories of assets and trust accountings

  • Prepare financial reports; consultations with CPAs and accountants

  • Assist in gathering information for tax return preparation (to be prepared by accountants), real property sales, rentals and leases, including supervision of repairs and maintenance

  • Post bond, if required

  • Manage businesses held in a trust

All preparation of any legal documents, including trusts, is the sole responsibility of an attorney. Prices can vary depending on the service rendered.

​​Licensed Private Fiduciary

  • Founder Arizona Fiduciary Services, Llc.
  • Bachelors of Science in Business Administration.
  • Certified Fraud Examiner.
  • Certified Paralegal.
  • Certified Elder Mediator.
  • Member Sigma Phi Omega National Gerontology Honor Society.
  • Volunteer-Pima Council on Aging.
  • Volunteer Lawyers for Literacy.
  • Commissioned Notary Public.