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In my 30 years in real estate, I have never seen a fiduciary personally invest so much care and effort to prepare a property for sale at maximum value for the beneficiaries.   You are pleasant and responsive to work with and I thank you for your efforts.

 Connie H. - Arizona  Realtor

​I think of my Aunt so often, remembering how very kind and loving you were to her when she needed a friend. I would consider you as the "angel"  selected for that "assignment". Thank you for being there for her. 
Christine R. - Client

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  • Founder Arizona Fiduciary Services, Llc.
  • Bachelors of Science in Business Administration.
  • Certified Fraud Examiner.
  • Certified Paralegal.
  • Certified Elder Mediator.
  • Member Sigma Phi Omega National Gerontology Honor Society.
  • Volunteer-Pima Council on Aging.
  • Volunteer Lawyers for Literacy.
  • Commissioned Notary Public.

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Probate Conservator in Tucson

Arizona Fiduciary Services provides assistance as probate conservator in Tucson, serving as Arizona Probate Conservator of Person or Arizona Probate Conservator of Estate to individuals in need of and requiring special care and supervision.

We perform tasks that otherwise might need to be delegated to an attorney at a greater expense, and our familiarity with available community resources ensures that we are able to enhance our clients’ quality of life.

What is a Conservatorship?

A conservatorship is a legal “tool” that provides management for the financial and/or personal affairs of individuals deemed by the court to be physically or mentally incapacitated.

What is an Arizona Probate Conservator?

In a conservatorship, a Conservator is a manager appointed by the court to protect the health and welfare of an adult.  A conservator may serve as an Arizona Probate Conservator of the Estate or an Arizona Probate Conservator of the Person.  A Conservator of the Person will protect a person unable to provide for basic needs like food, shelter and clothing.  A Conservator of the Estate is named to handle the financial affairs and protect the resources of someone unable to handle their own finances or unable to resist fraud or undue influence.  Arizona Fiduciary Services is licensed to serve as both Conservator of the Person and Conservator of the Estate.

While any competent person may be appointed to serve as an Arizona probate conservator, we recommend that you select a Professional Private Fiduciary to be your probate conservator.  Licensed Private Fiduciaries are held to the highest standards of accountability, and offer a higher level of experience and competence than non-professional individuals acting in the same capacity may be able to offer.  In addition, families often find that naming a licensed and professional objective party helps to ease family tensions during difficult situations.

What are duties of Arizona Probate Conservator of the Person?

  • Provide food, clothing and shelter

  • Supervise medical needs

  • Consent to medical treatment

  • Arrange for appropriate care

  • Provide for daily activities and transportation

  • Handle emergencies at all times and/or arrange for a responsible agent to do so


What are duties of Arizona  Probate Conservator of the Estate?

  • Inventory and collect assets

  • Collect income, verify and pay obligations

  • Manage financial assets

  • Hold, secure and invest estate assets

  • Participate in all legal and financial matters regarding the conservatee

  • Prepare accountings

  • Prepare and file appropriate tax returns

  • Arrange or verify pre-need agreements