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What is a Private Professional Fiduciary?

In Arizona, a private professional fiduciary is an individual licensed by the Arizona Supreme Court to manage the property, health care or other needs for another non-family individual.  

A licensed private professional fiduciary provides services for a fee including:

Personal Representative

A personal Representative or Executor manages the administration of a probate estate if there is no Will or if the person nominated in a Will as Personal Representative is unable or unwilling to serve.  Arizona Fiduciary Services LLC is also licensed to serve as Personal Representative for out of state heirs or for named personal representatives who choose to get professional assistance in their duties.


A licensed private fiduciary may be appointed by the court to provide assistance when an individual is no longer able to make reasonable decisions about finances or medical care.


If the Trustee assigned to manage property held in a trust has died, is otherwise unable to serve, or simply wishes to end their tenure as Trustee, Arizona Fiduciary Services llc may take over management and distribution of trust assets.  

Power of Attorney Agent

In addition to these services, Arizona Fiduciary Services provides assistance to attorneys through our certified Elder Law paralegal and serves as a Senior Advisor to individuals with questions about their care or estate - or the care of their parents.

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