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  • Certified Fraud Examiner.
  • Certified Paralegal.
  • Certified Elder Mediator.
  • Member Sigma Phi Omega National Gerontology Honor Society.
  • Volunteer-Pima Council on Aging.
  • Volunteer Lawyers for Literacy.
  • Commissioned Notary Public.

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What does a Confidential Intermediary do?

We help you make contact

In Arizona, a Confidential Intermediary helps establish contact between the parties to a sealed adoption, while at the same time protecting anonymity of those who desire to remain anonymous.  Parties to a sealed adoption may include adoptive parents, adopted individuals, birth parents and siblings.

We help you gather medical or family history information

The Confidential Intermediary also may be called upon to facilitate exchange of non-identifying medical or genealogical history information for parties to a sealed adoption who do not desire personal contact 

We help you locate lost siblings

The Arizona Sibling Information Exchange  (SIX) was established in 2007 to provide individuals the ability to find and stay in contact with siblings from whom they were separated by court action.  A Confidential Intermediary can facilitate the information exchange to make such contact possible.

Under Arizona law, the CI is provided access to confidential court records, agency records, and maternity home records in order to locate the party or information being sought.  Consent from all parties is required before a CI can share any identifying information.   A court may order the release of non-identifying medical information if a physician believes that information to be needed.  

Contact your legal representative to begin that process.

Arizona Fiduciary Services can provide confidential intermediary services to: 

the adoptive parents of an adoptee or if the adoptive parents are deceased,  the adoptee's guardian 

the adoptee 

the adoptee’s spouse if the spouse is the legal parent or guardian of any child of the adoptee and the adoptee is deceased

the adoptee's child if the adoptee is deceased - provided you are at least 18 years of age

a birth parent of an adoptee or If the birth parent of an adoptee is deceased, the parent of the birth parent

a biological sibling of an adoptee, provided you are at least 18 years of age.

To locate siblings you must be

18 years of age or older and a former dependent child or the sibling of a former dependent child.

special rules apply if you are 17 or younger - please contact Arizona Fiduciary Services LLC for more information.

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Confidential  intermediary

Arizona Fiduciary Services provides confidential research for birth parents or adoptees involved in sealed adoptions.  

Our services respect the dignity and uniqueness of each client, safeguarding our citizens' rights to privacy by judicially protecting information of confidential nature.